Bolsonaro questions Brazilian election results

The Brazilian presidential election has been followed by protests from Bolsonaro supporters who did not accept the loss. Bolsonaro himself has given a somewhat divided message regarding his view of the election loss.

– It is not inconceivable that Bolsonaro does something bold before Lula is formally sworn in as president, SVT’s correspondent Tigran Feiler has previously said about the protests against the election results.

Want to override voting machines

Bolsonaro has now turned to court to invalidate votes from some of the electronic voting machines used in the election. He believes that there were technical faults with the machines and that an annulment could change the outcome of the election.

So far, no concrete evidence has been presented to support the allegations of irregularities in the election.

The article is updated.

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He has been called Brazil’s answer to Trump. But who really is Jair Bolsonaro? Photo: AP/TT

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