Bomb of FA Tapia: Bravo pushes so that Castellón goes to La Roja and not Cortés

Martín Lasarte made public the list of nominees in the Chilean team for the triple date of October with the incredible surprise that no player from Colo Colo, current leader of the tournament, had his place on the list of mentioned.

By performance players like Brayan Cortés or Leonardo Gil should have been called, but the Uruguayan coach opted for different alternatives to face Peru, Venezuela and Paraguay heading to Qatar 2022.

The case of the white goalkeeper draws special attention, since he is the goalkeeper with the fewest goals against in this tournament. Despite his good present, Lasarte once again chose Gabriel Castellon, current Huachipato goalkeeper, cast that is committed to the fight for relegation.

One who came up with a theory about it was the journalist Fernando Agustin Tapia, who on Radio Pauta gambled by saying that one of those responsible for the non-presence of Cortés in La Roja It would be Claudio Bravo himself.

“In this case, I think Lasarte decided that the third goalkeeper is not so relevant and there are probably other conditions that explain his decision”, Tapia started saying.

Along the same lines, the journalist gambled by saying that “Castellón is for the group, there are super relevant players, among them, Claudio Bravo, who could be pushing this call.”

Cortés was the number placed in Reinaldo Rueda’s team, but he has lost place with Lasarte. | Photo: UNO Agency.

“It is a speculation of mine, it is an opinion, I do not know. Because I have not listened to the footballing argument of the coach to call Castellón before Bryan Cortés ”, added.

To deepen Tapia argued that “It is one of the criticisms that can be made to Lasarte, I think that in these three games you have to go with the best, without any concessions. In this case, he has unfortunately made one. And the third goalkeeper does not matter, as there may be an emergency and that is not to be trusted ”.

In closing, his fellow panelist, Coke Hevia, supported Tapia’s claim: “Castellón does not make any sense, if Cortés is not the best in the championship, he hits the stick. The starting goalkeeper of Colo Colo if he is more or less well, always at the national team ”.

The next triple date of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers will have the Chilean team playing against Peru in Lima on Thursday, October 7 from 10:00 p.m., while at home he will play in San Carlos de Apoquindo with Paraguay (Sunday 10 at 9:00 p.m.) and with Venezuela (Thursday 14 21:00).

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