Bombshell! They advance that Colo Colo seeks the loan of Carlos Palacios

In Colo Colo they continue to look to the market to strengthen themselves for the second round of the 2021 National Championship, where the albos seek to fight for the title and ensure their participation in the next Copa Libertadores.

In that sense, Gustavo Quinteros’ priority is to find the long-awaited center-forward, but this search has become quite complicated, since there are not many guarantee options to strengthen a key position.

For that reason, they could concentrate their efforts on the replacement of Martín Rodríguez, who despite arriving as one of the most important reinforcements, surprisingly went to Turkish football. Víctor Dávila was interested, but economically it is impossible and now they would have changed their objective.

As reported by Radio ADN, the albos seek the loan of Carlos Palacios, currently at the Porto Alegre International. “The national team welcomes the option of wearing the Colo Colo shirt. You wish you had more minutes, but there is nothing concrete yet. They have two other names and one is Carlos Palacios “, advanced the journalist Cristián Ávila Soto in his report.

La Joya is one of the Chilean players with the greatest projection and at just 21 years old, he enters the profile that Blanco y Negro seeks to strengthen the squad with young people.

had a spectacular irruption in Unión Española during 2020, which is why the Gaucho team bought his pass for over $ 3 million. However, it has not been able to find the expected regularity, adding 199 minutes in 7 games, although in the last date he showed off with an assist masterful for Paolo Guerrero in the triumph of Inter.

Carlos Palacios arrived at Inter from Brazil at the beginning. / PHOTO: SC Internacional

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