Bona, Sergio Berni’s dog, protagonist of the morning in which the minister reappeared with strong definitions

Sergio Berni with Bona, this morning on the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway (Photos: Télam)
Sergio Berni with Bona, this morning on the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway (Photos: Télam)

The Minister of Security of the province of Buenos Aires, sergio berniwas once again the protagonist of the public discussion after a few weeks in which it remained “saved”.

His reappearance was “a la Berni”: he got into a helicopter, landed in the middle of the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway and ordered transporters who were carrying out a blockade due to the shortage of diesel to stop the protests. “I’ll give them five minutes, if I don’t take all the trucks and put them in jail; this country needs order”, he shouted in front of the cameras.

The strategy was effective. The carriers moved their imposing vehicles and asked the official to intercede so that the Ministry of Transportation would listen to their claims. The situation in some provinces is distressing due to the lack of diesel and the latest measures dictated by the national government to resolve the issue have not yet produced positive results.

Berni did not arrive alone. He was accompanied by Daniel García, the police chief, whom he ordered to deploy the troops to advance with an operation that was finally not necessary because the truckers withdrew of their own free will. And by “good”. Who is Bona? The minister’s bitch. “She is my dog, she is with me all day and I take her everywhere,” she said.

Bona is a German Shepherd dog and her name responds to “Buenos Aires”, referring to the district where Axel Kicillof’s Security Minister lives, works and does politics.

Sergio Berni, this morning at the AU Buenos Aires-La Plata

In his reappearance, Berni also set an opinion on issues that are on the public agenda. He coincided, for example, with Cristina Kirchner -from whom he distanced himself last year- by assuring that Peronism was created “with the force of labor” and not with social plans. The vice president pointed out Monday against the Evita Movement for the amount of subsidies it manages, which provoked the government’s response.

He also redoubled his criticism of President Alberto Fernández and boasted of being the first leader to question him two and a half years ago, “when he had a 90% positive image.”

“Unfortunately I was not wrong and now we have to put the energy to solve the serious problem that we Argentines are going through,” he said. And he advanced: “Today the cabinet is divided into lots and each ministry is a place for the exercise of individual power that does not execute public policies for the whole”.

The silence of the last weeks was preceded by a phrase that had generated a strong controversy among the inmates in the Front of All: “The one who brought the drunk to take him away”.

Did you say drunk to the President?Marcelo Longobardi asked him in one of the reports he gave during the morning.

– No, I never personalize these questions, it seems to me that it was a saying that must be put into circumstances. I do not intend to make personal evaluations and disrespect you.

Every time Berni says or does, there is speculation about a future candidacy, either in Buenos Aires or even in the presidential PASO of 2023. Is it? Dog that barks not death, goes the saying. “Does it bite?” Berni was asked about Bona on the radio The net. “There is no dog that does not look like its owner,” he replied.

For the tender, I say”, he stopped.


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