Bonus 2022: who are those who collect the Complementary Annual Salary for June

With runaway inflation, which some analysts already predict will be 70% a year, Argentines are desperate for collect the bonus 2022 and recompose their personal finance.

In June is charged the first payment of Supplementary annual salary either SAC, which is equivalent to 50% of the best retribution received in the first six months of the year.

Of course, he bonus 2022 will not be for everyone. There will be only a few lucky men and women who will be able to collect it in a timely manner.

we tell you Who is it are the ones they will have this month bonus 2022 and who are the ones left out of this extra salary.

Who collects the Complementary Annual Salary for June

The bonus 2022 is a benefit workers have in Argentina and their payment is regulated in articles 121 and 122 of the Labor Contract Law 20,744.

Only workers in a dependency relationship are guaranteed the payment of the 2022 bonus

Each bonus is a payment of SAC, the extra salary or 13th month that must be paid each year by workers who are contracted under this legislation in Argentina.

This means that the 2022 bonus only corresponds to those who are governed by that law in the provision of their tasks. That is, in principle, it is a annual profit for the workers hired in a dependency relationshipboth in the private and public sectors.

This means that the independent or self-employed workers, freelancers, monotributistas and also those who provide tasks informally (they are “in black”) The collection of the 2022 bonus is not guaranteed in June.

Bonus 2022 for retirees and pensioners

It is also worth clarifying that the bonus 2022 will include those who charge retirements Y pensions in Argentina, that is, those who had a formal job and contributed to the social security system during their years in activity.

When will retirees and pensioners receive the June 2022 bonus

When will retirees and pensioners receive the June 2022 bonus

In this sense the half bonus 2022 is calculated as the 50% of the highest monthly retirement or pension paymentaccrued for all concepts within the semesters that culminate in the months of June and December of each year.

The retirement and pension collection dates determined from the last number of the ID of the beneficiary and, in each case, the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) informs a deadline to collect retirement benefits and pensions.

The 2022 bonus for retirees and pensioners will be received on the date that ANSES assigns for June collection.

Bonus 2022 for beneficiaries of social plans

With the arrival of June, many wondered if they would also be entitled to a bonus 2022 at beneficiaries of social plans.

Does the 2022 bonus also correspond to people who receive social plans in Argentina?

Does the 2022 bonus also correspond to people who receive social plans in Argentina?

As we mentioned, the half bonus 2022 It is a benefit for formalized workers in the public or private sector in Argentina, an extra salary or 13th monthly payment.

This implies that those who charge every month the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and/or the Pregnancy Allowance (UEA) they do not correspond to the collection of the 2022 bonusalthough in previous years there has been some reinforcement of the payment that occurred in the month of June, due to the high inflation that Argentina is going through.

Therefore, the beneficiaries of the SUAF system administered by ANSES do not receive a 2022 bonus for this benefit..

Nor did the Ministry of Social Development reveal no extra help for the social plans it manages, such as the Work Empowerment Program. So far, its beneficiaries will not be among those who receive the 2022 half bonus in June.

Bonuses and extras for June 2022

What yes they will receive the beneficiaries of social plans in June are some bonuses and extra payments.

What bonuses and extra payments will be charged in June

What bonuses and extra payments will be collected in June 2022

ANSES will activate in June a series of extra payments and unique bonuses for retirees, pensioners and holders of the AUH, AUE and Family Allowance for Child (AFH).

The sums that will be credited in the bank accounts will be attached to the assets with 15% increase and liquidation of the first installment of the Complementary Annual Salary (SAC), according to the completion of the DNI.

In addition, the beneficiaries of the four categories of the Non-contributory pensions of ANSES, will charge from Wednesday June 8, the double amount corresponding to the Hogar Program, according to the termination of the DNI.

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