Borghi plays with Mati Fernández to be his technical assistant

Matías Fernández surprised everyone on social networks and appeared on the Instagram Live of three current TNT Sports commentators: Juvenal Olmos, Marcelo Toby Vega and Claudio Bichi Borghi.

On the 14th of Los Blancos he spoke of everyone, he told collocolinas anecdotes such as his first practice at the Monumental stadium, his current moment or also what he will do in the future post-retirement.

Right here Claudio Borghi took advantage of the moment to play around with him and propose an idea to Matías Fernández. Of course, the first question was about his future when he hangs up the boots.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow and I’m going to know what to do when I leave football (laughs). I have a sports complex, maybe it will enhance it and serve for the development of children. But directing as an adult? I see it difficult You must have 30 players happy. “, he detailed.

This is where Bichi Borghi appears to throw a small stick at him. “What if Claudio Borghi calls you to be an assistant ?:” Yes, I would consider it. I have thought about it (being an assistant), but I find it difficult to be a coach. Do you want to direct a teacher? (he says to Borghi) I’m ready from here until the end of the year (laughs) “, he sentenced.

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