Borghi values ​​Parraguez’s mental strength

Colo Colo knew how to overcome a complicated visit to El Teniente de Rancagua, triumphing 3-2 over O’Higgins on the 20th date of the National Championship and taking three gold points in their fight for the title in this 2021 season.

One of the authors of the white goals was Javier Parraguez, who scored the temporary 2-1 with a header after 54 minutes of play, taking advantage of the doubts of goalkeeper Nelson Espinoza.

Claudio Borghi analyzed what was the performance of the Buffalo with the popular shirt, stating in conversation with RedGol that “Not everyone has the same conditions. The fact that he has been widely criticized and is still there has to do with significant mental strength. He is very convinced of what he has to do ”.

In addition, he valued at a general level what was the game between albos and celestial, expressing his opinion openly that “It is the best game of the National Championship that I have seen. Not only for Colo Colo, but also for O’Higgins ”.

“Later we can check if O’Higgins made good decisions in the goals, because I think that sometimes there are people responsible for some goals, but there is the difficulty of our championship, right? because Colo Colo fought relegation last year and fourteen players left, and among those many important figures and players left, and only three came … two actually, because Martín Rodríguez left “added the Bichi.

Parraguez scored the Cacique’s temporary 2-1 with his head. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

To close, the four-time champion with the albos concluded that “And that is the difficulty of our championship: from fighting relegation to having fourteen players and being the Chilean Cup champion and going first in the Championship.”

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