Boris Becker: His lawyer makes a clear statement to Lilly Becker

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Boris and Lilly Becker recording a TV show in 2017.
Lilly Becker (here recording a TV show in 2017) was shocked by Boris Becker’s prison sentence. © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

Boris Becker is in prison in London. His ex-wife Lilly Becker has commented on the conviction and has now received an announcement from his lawyer. Read more here:

London – Boris Becker is in prison. Numerous people have already commented on the verdict on the German tennis legend, including his ex-wife Lilly Becker. RUHR24 knows what Boris Becker’s lawyer had to say about Lilly Becker.

In contrast, Boris’ daughter Anna Ermakowa received encouragement. She made a statement shortly after the verdict against her father.

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