Börje Salming’s death – the family’s enormous sadness: "Don’t want to see him suffer"

Bianca Salming and Börje Salming

The Salming family mourns a beloved husband and father. Here are their own words about the illness that took Börje from them.

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On Thursday, November 24, Börje Salming passed away at the age of 71. What remains is a family in mourning.

Börje was married to the police officer Pia and has from previous relationships the children Anders, 47, Teresa, 46, Rasmus, 27, and Bianca, 23.

Now they mourn a husband and father. During Börje’s illness, parts of the family put their pain into words.

The family’s words about Börje Salming’s illness

In August, Börje told us that he had been affected by the fatal nerve disease ALS:

– I have received a message that has shaken the life of me and my family, he said then in a statement to TT.

The course of the disease was rapid. When Pia and Börje were interviewed by The Express by October he could no longer speak.

He only got nutrition through tube feeding. The majority of the time he rested on the couch.

– It cannot be described. Seeing the person you love feel this bad… and you can’t do anything. It’s a pain every day to see how bad Börje is, Pia said then.

Börje Salming’s last difficult time – visible fight against the deadly disease

Around the same time, Börje’s daughter Bianca spoke with Gefle Daily. When asked what it was like to receive the illness notice, she replied:

– It felt terrible, but I felt sorry for dad the most. I don’t want to see him suffer or feel bad.

Börje’s daughter about the emotional moment with dad

Börje’s illness got worse with each passing week, but still the family managed to get to Toronto in mid-November.

Here Börje was honored by his old hockey team Toronto Maple Leaf in Scotiabank Arena.

He was led out onto the ice and stood leaning against his friend Mats Sundin. When Börje received a standing ovation, he burst into tears:

Börje Salming in Toronto

Börje Salming, leaning against his friend Mats Sundin.

It is clear that the moment meant a lot to the whole family. Afterwards, Bianca added The Express:

– I am so happy for dad, that he has the strength and gets to experience this. That we as a family get to be here together.

Two weeks later, Börje Salming will pass away at the age of 71.

Photo: TT

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