Borussia Mönchengladbach: DFB star Weigl waives high sum for Bundesliga return

Julian Weigl already played for Dortmund in the Bundesliga (2015 to 2020), before that he made his professional debut at 1860 Munich.Image: IMAGO images/Revierfoto

At the last minute, Julian Weigl managed to switch from Benfica to the Bundesliga in the transfer window. In order for the change to work, the midfielder is said to have given up a large amount of his salary.

Julian Weigl changes at the last second

As the “sports picture” reported, the transfer of Julian Weigl to Mönchengladbach was a “night and fog operation”. He is said to have flown to Germany in the middle of the night, just before the Portuguese transfer window closed, to complete the deal in Gladbach.

The foals are said to have expressed their interest in signing Weigl eight weeks earlier. However, this project failed due to the financial resources of Gladbach, which should simply not have been enough for Weigl. He is now on loan for this season only. However, the Gladbachers should have a purchase option for around 15 million euros.

Losing a lot of money for Borussia Mönchengladbach

Weigl is said to have already given up a salary of one million euros for Gladbach. The Portuguese first division club and leaders Benfica Lisbon has paid him about six million euros a year so far, in Mönchengladbach it is said to be only five million euros.

The interviews of the club’s own TV station also show that Julian Weigl’s move was worth a million euros. Although it was important to him to “go abroad sometimes”, he also “missed the Bundesliga”. Now he is “very, very happy” that the transfer worked and he is now in Gladbach. He has also always had a certain interest in the club, he said:

“I’ve always followed Borussia Mönchengladbach and always thought of it as a great club. It’s definitely a great honor for me to be a part of it now.”

This great joy can also be seen in Julian Weigl. He shared the pictures of the signing of the contract on Instagram, with a beaming smile on his face holding Roland Virkus’ hand. The sports director of the foals is said to have been particularly interested in Weigl and to have arranged the transfer. In Jonas Hofmann, the national player will also meet a familiar face in Mönchengladbach, with whom he played for BVB six years ago.

His first appearance, on the other hand, was very short, he was on the pitch for three minutes against Mainz 05 on September 4th. In this respect, it remains exciting whether he can live up to his reputation as a “pass machine” on Sunday in Freiburg.


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