Bose SoundLink Flex: the new Bluetooth speaker… that works on water

Today, Bose is proud to announce the arrival of a brand new addition to its range of Bluetooth speakers. Its name: SoundLink Flex. A new model which obviously promises to deliver the best possible sound, through a very compact and ultra robust design. A speaker that not only benefits from the in-house PositionIQ technology, but is also able to walk… on water.

A new amphibious speaker at Bose?

The new Bose SoundLink Flex speaker is IP67 certified, making it resistant to splashing water and dust. The design also allows the speaker to be resistant to bumps and drops. According to Bose, the SoundLink Flex speaker would also be able to float on water, while still functioning. We imagine, however, that it is strongly recommended not to let the enclosure float in your bath or swimming pool.

The other original feature of this SoundLink Flex is the presence of the in-house PositionIQ technology. The latter indeed allows the enclosure to define its orientation, and to adapt the distribution accordingly. This is the first Bluetooth speaker from Bose to feature this technology. The speaker can pair with a total of 8 devices, and works in conjunction with the Bose Connect app.

You can also pair the SoundLink Flex with another SoundLink Flex speaker for stereo rendering, with a battery that promises about 12 hours of battery life, and which is recharged via a USB-C cable. When it comes to audio rendering, Bose promises that the transducers are able to deliver maximum clarity and “bass you can feel in your chest“. Just that.

Three colors available, and a price of 149 dollars

In terms of price and availability, this new Bose SoundLink Flex speaker is now available on the brand’s official website, priced at $ 149. It is available in black and white (White Smoke), but also in blue (Stone Blue). Remember that recently, on Squeezer, we tested the Bose Frame, amazing “audio glasses“.

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