“Bottomless cheek”: Danni Büchner shoots his own followers online

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Of: Claire Weiss

Again and again, her followers accuse Danni Büchner of not doing anything for her money. Now the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant is bursting at the seams. In her Instagram story, she makes a sweeping statement.

Mallorca – After a hard day, Danni Büchner (44) wants to take a break and rest. But when she tells her fans about it on Instagram, she is confronted with nasty news. “You don’t work, so what peace?” A malicious fan wants to know – the Mallorcan by choice shares a screenshot of the message in her Instagram story.

Follower makes nasty accusations to Danni Büchner

Danni Büchner does not want to let the accusation sit on him. “That’s right, I live on a lot of air and love!” Counters the mother of five ironically. And she goes one better: “Actually, my name is “Mary Poppins”. With a lot of magic and sorcery, the house cleans itself!”

Danni Büchner is not exactly known for mincing his words. © Screenshots/Instagram/Danni Büchner

But the follower does not give up, insisting that she is a single mother herself, has to do the household chores AND is also at work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Then Danni Büchner finally bursts the collar. “I think it’s a bottomless impertinence to say, ‘You’ve got nothing to do all day, you’re in peace!'”

Danni Büchner fights back

“Women who are at home and don’t go to work have enough to do!”, she clarifies, “They clean the house, they take care of the children, they do the laundry and so on!” She finds it outrageous, that someone takes the right to judge them. “You’re not in my life!” The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant exclaims.

And Danni Büchner not only protects himself, but also other housewives. “I think that’s a huge slap against the mothers out there who don’t go to work! A mom’s job takes longer than leaving the house at 7 a.m. and coming back home at 5 p.m.!” And she expects more understanding from other women.

Danni Büchner works as an influencer and reality star

How many women have paid jobs in Germany?

In 2018, 76% of women aged 20 to 64 were employed in Germany. Germany thus had the third highest employment rate of women in the European Union after Sweden (80%) and Lithuania (77%), as reported by the Federal Statistical Office. The proportion of employed men of the same age was 84%. However, almost half of the employed women (47%) worked part-time, compared to almost one in eleven men (9%).

Incidentally, the mother of five earns her money as an influencer and reality TV star. In 2018, for example, Danni Büchner took part in the “Summer House of the Stars”, but she regrets her behavior on the RTL show today. Sources used: Instagram/Danni Büchner, destatis.de

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