Boudou: "Hebe was a participant in a fight for a future"

After the death of Hebe de Bonafini, former vice president Amado Boudou claimed her figure and assured that “I was a participant in a fight for a future, without looking back, always forward”.

In dialogue with El Destape Radio, the former official remarked that the president of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo “she never spoke of nostalgia, she spoke from memory”.

“She was a fight with head, body and ideas. She lived it as a mother at the time of the genocidal dictatorship and then turned it into dreaming of a future and being a participant in that fight. Hebe claimed the fight of her own children” .

Likewise, Boudou emphasized that “the Mothers won, and I want to put the plural”, because “what Hebe always said and did was ‘we mothers'”.

In this regard, he added: “When the fight began, one of the concepts was that of collective motherhood, we do not ask for my son but for everyone, and every time a mother speaks, she asks for everyone without looking at individuality.“.

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