Boy or girl? Find out with these homemade methods

The pregnancy It is one of the best stages of a couple, and without a doubt knowing the sex of your baby It’s very exciting.

Although medically it is not usually known if it is a boy or a girl until four months of gestation, grandmothers have many homemade tricks that can help you know this information ahead of time.

Although these techniques do not have any scientific basis, they are often used to predict the sex of the baby, and to have a good time with the family.

In The Truth News we tell you more about these homemade tricks.

Home methods to know the sex of the baby

Boy or girl?  Find out with these homemade methods

Home methods to know the sex of your baby.

These home methods are part of the popular beliefs to try to predict the sex of the baby, which can be verified if they were right until your next medical appointment.

The red cabbage test.

Boil a cabbage, save the cooking water and mix it with a few drops of your urine; the color will tell you the sex of the little one: If the water turns purple it will be a boy, and if it turns pink, a girl.

The ring test.

Tie a ring to a string and lie down, then someone important to you should hold the string of the ring on your belly. If the string swings back and forth like a pendulum, you are expecting a boy; but if it swings in circular movements, it will be a girl.


If you are not a fan of garlic, it is best to skip this trick since it consists of eating a clove of garlic and if your skin gives off a bad smell it is because it will be male; Otherwise it will be a woman.

The shape of the tummy.

According to moms, the shape of the belly can tell you that it will be your baby; that is, if it is round, it will be a girl, and if it is pointed, it will be a boy.

The morning sickness.

Bothersome morning sickness can also be an alert to find out the sex of the baby; They say that if you have a lot of nausea during pregnancy, it is because you are expecting a girl and, if you hardly have any, it will be a boy.

The cravings.

It is not known for sure if it is real but it is assured that if you want to eat sweet things it is because it will be a girl, but if you crave salty things it is because it is a boy.

The gypsy formula.

For this trick you have to add your age with the month in which you got pregnant, if the result is even it is because you will soon have a boy at home; On the other hand, if it is odd, it is because a beautiful little woman will come.

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Can the sex of the baby be chosen?

Boy or girl?  Find out with these homemade methods

Can you choose your baby’s method?

Well, scientifically there is nothing proven on this subject; however, there are two theories that say it may be possible:

Shettles theory: explains that the day that intimate relations are maintained is very decisive if a girl or a boy is conceived, so the closer to ovulation the woman is, the more likely the male sperm is.

And having sex during the first fertile days gives the female sperm a better chance.

Baretta method: this method is based on the mother’s diet and the time of conception.

The method recommends eating foods that acidify the vaginal flora if you want to have a girl, at least three months before conception; that is, consume foods rich in calcium and magnesium such as milk or yogurt, almonds, cabbage, carrots, onions, eggs, among others.

Now yes, will your baby be a boy or a girl?

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