Boy who went viral for putting nails to help his family again becomes a trend for sending water to Nuevo León

(Photo: Facebook/Gabriel Quimbar)

Gabriel Quimbarthe 9-year-old boy who went viral last year for put on acrylic nails to raise funds so her younger brother could have an operation that urged him, now he is helping the people of Nuevo León sending them bottles of water bought with what you have raised through your work.

Through his Facebook account, he called on his clients and followers to support him with a donation or by doing a manicure job to buy bottles of water and donate them to the people of Nuevo León.

If you donate us (1 pack of water) or baby water in exchange we apply (nails) or gel for those people who need it; nails, color and glitter, please, to my followers who likes to donate, even if it’s for a bottle of water we can buy it, put your name on it, I know that many people will appreciate it, thank you from the bottom of my heart, “said the little boy on his social networks.

Originally from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, the little boy, along with his family, has dedicated himself to placing nails to help the inhabitants of the state governed by Samuel García with the proceeds.

(Photo: Facebook/Gabriel Quimbar)
(Photo: Facebook/Gabriel Quimbar)

After the call, he published several photographs showing trucks loaded with bottles, which have the legend “From Gabriel Quimbar”. This action caused went viral again on social mediadistinguished by his big heart.

“What a beautiful gesture on your part, my beautiful boy, my admiration and respect for you and your family. Cheers!!”; “You are an angel, absolutely everything will return to you multiplied, thanks for thinking of others, more little people like you are neededbecause you have one great empathy and humanity” and “You are great baby, God bless you, I admire you a lot”, were some of the comments he received.

In the past, Gabriel has gone viral for nailing to help his mother pay for the surgery his younger brother required. However, just as he received good comments, many they criticized him by pointing out that what he was doing was very feminine or that he was gay; still, he remained focused on his goal, which was to help his loved ones.

But just as he received criticism, many others supported him, pointing out that his kindness and strength to help is more important than what others think or point out about his activities.

(Photo: Facebook/Gabriel Quimbar)
(Photo: Facebook/Gabriel Quimbar)

“I was attacked, threatened for applying nails, criticized for doing raffles and seeking help to support my mom and brother; I was insulted for doing a pedicure, that because I’m not old, that I can become gay, I was attacked and criticized for a dance I did yesterday but you know that I won’t stop, I won’t stop and I will fight because, although i’m a boy i’m smart strong [sic]”, Said the little boy after what happened.

Nuevo León is experiencing the worst drought in its recent historyso in previous days the decision was made to bombard the clouds with silver iodide with the purpose of causing fluvial precipitations, and thus supplying the dams of the entity and being able to regularize the supply to the citizens.

For its part, the National Water Commission (With water) ordered the brewery Heineken deliver a third of the liquid it occupies for its industry, since a large part of the water for which it has a concession is not used; Garcia Sepulveda reported.

He explained that the brewing company has granted six million cubic liters; however, it only occupies four, so it has to give up the remaining liquid. On the other hand, other government actions to combat the water stress in the region is the closure of clandestine intakes and wells.


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