Braking correctly with the MTB: Downhill: This is how to safely go downhill with a mountain bike

In winter the ski slope, in summer the mountain bike downhill track. There it goes down the mountain at high speed. But how do you brake safely?

These are the tips to get downhill safely on two wheels:

  • If you want to master rapid descents on a mountain bike, you should pay particular attention to the measured use of the front wheel brake. Then even steep gravel slopes could be driven down safely and in a controlled manner, reports the trade journal “Outdoor” (issue 08/22).
  • You can also pull the rear brake – but the rear tire should not lock up.
  • When cornering, the following applies: do not brake in the curve, but before. The mountain bike should lean more into the curve than the upper body. This way, the inside arm gently pushes the wheel down while the elbow of the outside arm is bent. Shift your body’s center of gravity backwards.
  • In addition, the foot on the outside of the curve should press the pedals vertically downwards, while the inner pedal crank should point vertically upwards. (dpa)

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