Brave needs help: they beat him until his head was disfigured and he fights for his life

“Brave” is a foal that suffered like no one else in his short life. The group “Horses in freedom LP” managed to find him thanks to the warning of some villagers from Villa Castells who found him being attacked by a group of minors so viciously that they disfigured his face.

Lucila, one of the protectionists who works with this group, spoke with the newspaper El Día to tell about the medical situation of “Valiente”. “His condition is more than critical. We are trying to compensate with fluid therapy, vitamins and connected all the time ”, the protectionist began.

Being a two-year-old animal, the veterinarians who assist him hope that he “has the strength to get ahead”. At first, when they went to look for him, “Brave” was very afraid, the feeling that accompanied him in his short life every time he came across a human. Thanks to the attention he received these days, now it is he who seeks the affection of the members of “Caballos en libertad LP”.

At the moment he is being treated with serum, vitamins, antibiotics and a permanent control. The blows he received at the time of the attack left him in a very bad condition but before that, his condition was not the best. Brave was malnourished.

In the property that “Caballos en Libertad LP” owns, the animals receive full attention from the moment they enter until they fully recover. They have a veterinarian who lives there, so the care is “full time.” They also have the help of veterinary students who donate their time and passion.

When he was restored in the Villa Castells area he was decompensated, with wounds, bruises and anemic to the point that today they have to help him up. Those who want and can collaborate, can do so by entering the social networks of the protectionist group. Brave needs help!

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