Brayan Cortés and a historical record in Colo Colo

One of the keys to Colo Colo to be the exclusive leader of the National Championship, It has been the defensive power of the team where it leaves very little space for the rival and when they finish off the gantry, they have met the resistance of Brayan Cortes, who so far, achieved an important record.

The goalkeeper has been the undisputed starting goalkeeper of the Eternal Champion for two seasons, the present being the best under the three suits, since with his numbers, he became the best goalkeeper of the decade.

This because Cortés has played 28 games where in 14 he has not conceded goals, an unusual record in the Cacique and that they have it with 50 percent on the delivery in the arc at zero.

The best record was from 2016 when Justo Villar left the goal in zero in 19 games of a total of 45 that he played in that season.

One of the keys to the good work of Cortés is the confidence that the goalkeeper took from the end of 2020 where he was one of the key pieces for the Cacique’s permanence in First Division.

Already this season, his numbers are simply remarkable, thanks to his good reflexes, reaction and work on the defensive line of Gustavo Quinteros’ team.

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