Brayan Cortés assumes favoritism and was proud of his teammates

Brayan Cortés is undoubtedly the undisputed starter in the goal of Colo Colo. His role in saving the team from relegation was fundamental last season and today he maintains one of the least beaten goals of the championship, a situation that makes him happy, but makes him think about collective goals over individual ones.

“I take it easy. It’s nice to win without being converted. That is valuable for the whole team, from the striker, the midfielder, the defense and the goalkeeper. It gives me pride to see how my teammates go to each ball and that gives you confidence in each game, “he said.

To later refer to the favoritism that they begin to assume date after date, noting that “the truth is we are convinced of what we are doing, we are dancing with the beautiful one, but we are going step by step we know how complicated each rival is. We are candidates, but for that we have to go step by step ”.

“We have assumed favoritism and the pressure, I don’t know if to call it that, we are enjoying it. We know what we suffered last year, we met the dark side and now we are convinced of what we are doing, it gives you maturity and teaching. Today we have another mentality that is reflected on the court, “he added.

Finally, expressing his desire to fight the National Championship and the Chile Cup. “Obviously we want to go find the title. Each championship is important to us, it is our goal. We have to go step by step, convinced of what is being done, work has been done well and we are very calm ”, he closed.

Brayan Cortés is excited about the moment of Colo Colo | Photo: Agency One

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