Brayan Cortés is happy in Colo Colo, but makes his dream clear: “My goal is Europe”

The Cacique goalkeeper made it clear that he is happy in Macul, but that he is looking to go out and play in the old continent, his great objective after Colo Colo.

The European dream is still alive in Brayan Cortés
© agency oneThe European dream is still alive in Brayan Cortés

One of the exportable players of Colo Colo is Brayan Cortés. El Indio completed a season at a high level with tremendous performances, both in the Cacique, and in the Chilean National Team. The goalkeeper who ended his contract with the Albos in December, renewed his contract, but with a clear exit clause in case they come for him.

The iquiqueño is happy. It is that obtaining the title is the achievement of an objective that the team set itself at the beginning of the year and, for this reason, Cortés’ emotion is genuine. “Super proud of the team and the union that was formed. Of the achievement that we achieved in the group, so I am very happy ”, he expressed at the Soccer Expo.

The dream of Brayan Cortés

It is known that the goal of the goalkeeper is to emigrate to the old continent. In fact, the information was known that he is followed from Spain and Italy, something that arouses the illusion of the goalkeeper. He recognized it as such, when He stated that his “goal is Europe, it’s on my mind, it’s a dream that every footballer wants to achieve, but I’m super calm. In Colo Colo I am happy, I want to continue winning cups here, because Colo Colo has to always be on top. Always motivated and keep working to go abroad”.

Despite the possible interest, Cortés made it clear that He does not drive “nothing, my representative sees it. They haven’t told me anything, I arrived yesterday morning (Monday), I was with the family. Now I join my representative, so I’m still motivated and working in the same way for what’s to come”.

And it is that in the Popular also has competition. The arrival of Fernando de Paul is something that encourages Brayan to continue working, since “It is a nice competition with Fernando, who won it for his great season And it’s going to be a nice fight in the goal”.

The promise of Brayan Cortés

Regarding a possible new participation in the Copa Libertadores and what the future holds for him, the goalkeeper was clear in pointing out thatand “today I am here in Colo Colo, I don’t know what can happen tomorrow. I am focused on what it is today, which is Colo Colo and if it is time to face Libertadores, it will be in the best way, we will do well”.

Finally, he ventured with his objectives in the group. So he promised “We are going to compete with anyone. We will continue working to achieve more things. We are going to continue championing and competing in international leagues. You have to keep working, without letting up”.

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