Brazen holiday scam on ebay: This is how you protect yourself from a nasty surprise

  • New Scam on ebay: Scammers offer hotel rooms and vacation rentals
  • Advance payment: Buyers should pay in advance
  • “Friends and Family” feature on Paypal: Purchase without buyer protection
  • So you can imagine ebay scam protection

Again and again there are lousy scams on ebay and ebay classifieds. This year the scammers have a particularly nasty scam imagined: If you want to go on vacation in 2022, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. Like so many things, traveling has also become more expensive. The prices for rental cars, hotels, flights and the like have risen by up to 70 percent compared to 2019 – before Corona. People’s longing for vacation is being smothered by scammers in the Internet action house ebay now shamelessly exploited: the classic one Prepayment Fraud is applied.

Prepayment fraud: This is how scammers cheat customers out of their money

At the Prepayment Fraud is a scam where scammers post very special offers and then ask for an advance payment. As soon as the money for accommodation etc. was transferred, the offer profile suddenly disappeared.

The advantage for the criminals: They can deceive several people with one offer and earn a lot of money. Above all Holiday homes and hotel rooms are offered and the prices are particularly low and tempting. The offers impress with authentic photos and entice interested parties with the statement that the offer is only available to a limited extent. Many people then quickly strike and fall into the fraud trap.

The providers then put a lot of pressure on the payment and demand a quick payment Transfer via Paypal from their customers.

You must never do this: “Friends and Family” feature

The scammers explicitly ask the buyers to Paypal’s “Friends and Family” feature use to save fees. But this function is only intended to help those affected who really know each other. You should not transfer money to companies or strangers via this selection. In extreme cases, the money is gone Buyer protection does not apply.

Under no circumstances should you accept such a request. Ignore offers where you should pay in advance using this Paypal function. On too cash payments you should give up When in doubt, insist on one Purchase on account via bank transfer or use it PayPal buyer protection feature.

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