Brazilian e-commerce is up 21.92% in October compared to 2020

With growth of 21.92% in sales and 19.03% in sales, October 2021 was better for Brazilian e-commerce than October 2020. The survey is by Neotrust | Movimento Compre & Confie, in partnership with the Metrics Committee of the Brazilian Chamber of Digital Economy (, which develops the MCC-ENET index, which monitors the evolution of prices in Brazilian online retail.

Gastão Mattos, responsible for the online retail division of, says that online retail purchases reached, on average in 2021, the highest index in history since 2018. In 2020, the average index had reached the record value of 9.6% — in 2019 it was 5.7% and in 2018, when it began to be measured, 4.8%. “Between January and September 2021, it reached 12%, showing that online shopping is here to stay in the Brazilian consumer habit,” he says.

In the regional comparison between October 2021 and 2020, the North region has the highest sales index (32.33%), followed by the Northeast (28.61%), Midwest (28.50%), South (21 .99%) and Southeast (15.03%). In the accumulated result for the year, the Midwest is ahead (27.78%). Then come the North (25.98%), Northeast (22.28%), South (19.95%) and Southeast (4.90%).

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(Image: Reproduction/Envato/twenty20photos)

The composition of monthly sales by region shows the North (32.63%) in front, with the Northeast (31.44%), Midwest (28.66%), South (21.05%) and Southeast (18, 35%) later. In the year, the results have the Midwest in front (33.30%), followed by the South (29.67%) Northeast (27.68%) North (24.61%) and Southeast (11.67%).

In September 2021, e-commerce represented 12.2% of the restricted retail trade (which excludes vehicles, parts and construction materials). In the last 12 months, the participation was 11.5%. The base is the most recent Monthly Survey of Commerce by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), released on November 11th.

Most popular categories

In the quarter from July to September 2021, 16.7% of Brazilians made at least one online purchase according to MCC-ENET. Data from the IBGE’s Monthly Trade Survey show that, in September 2021, the most purchased items on the internet were office, computer and communication equipment and supplies (43.8%), furniture and appliances (27.7%), and fabrics, apparel and footwear (10.1%).

Then come pharmaceutical, medical, orthopedic, perfumery and cosmetic articles (6.7%), and other articles for personal and domestic use (5.7%). Hypermarkets, supermarkets, food products, beverages and tobacco (3.8%), and books, newspapers, magazines and stationery (2.3%) were the least popular in the period.

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