Brazilian mobile telephony reached almost 260 million hits in April 2022, according to Anatel

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) has updated its Data Panels referring to Brazilian mobile telephony. The new information from the agency points out that the segment is growing solidly, reaching around 259.2 million hits in April 2022. To compare, the previous report recorded 258.3 million hits.

The analysis available on the agency’s official website no longer shows data referring to Oi Móvel, since the operator ended its judicial recovery process in the same month, migrating its customers to Claro, Vivo and TIM. According to the chart below, the segment seems to be recovering the monthly accesses lost over the last decade. Look:

According to Anatel, the growth of accesses to mobile telephony between March and April in the entire Brazilian territory is 0.4%, with O North is the region that saw the greatest increase in traffic with growth of 1.5%. This data reflects the initiatives of operators such as TIM, which expanded its satellite coverage to expand the 4G network in the North.

It is also worth noting that the traffic of 259.2 million accesses in April 2022 represents an increase of 7.1% compared to the same month in 2021. The rise of small cellular network providers — such as Algar Telecom and Brisanet — it also contributes to promoting the country’s broader connectivity.


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Currently, the preference goes to postpaid telephony plans with adhesion of 139.4 million of all accesses in April. Others, on the other hand, still rely on the prepaid service with 119.7 million records. The chart below follows this evolution and highlights the strong presence of 4G in Brazil. The 5G NSA is in its infancy with 2.2 million hits.

Not only mobile telephony has been acquiring new horizons. Fixed broadband shows strong growth due to its great advantages over satellite internet. Low network latency and average download and upload speeds are factors that promise to make broadband more accessible, advantageous and comprehensive.

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