Brazilian press delighted with the arelanization and the Monumental

An important commitment is the one that the Chilean National Team will have during tomorrow’s session in a new round of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. The national team will face Brazil at the Monumental Stadium, where Brazilian journalists have been delighted with the Cacique’s home.

And it is that the Brazilian medium Yahoo Sport He highlighted the Pedrero campus as a classroom for all those who come to the institution, which include coaches, players and even the fans of the popular team.

Through the same medium, they made known the work carried out in the white box outside of all sports, with the famous ‘Relanisation’. It is known by all Cacique fans that the latest additions that Colo Colo added in the last transfer market had the presence of Maximiliano Falcón, Ignacio Jara, Pablo Solari and professor Gustavo Quinteros.

Instance by which the Brazilian journalists were delighted to learn about the history of Colo Colo and the sports venue. “They are stories like David Arellano that educators from the Heritage Area tell during the” arellanización “, on a path that passes through mural graffiti and sectors of the Monumental Stadium, always with explanations on important points of the 96 years of Colo-Colo”.

But that wasn’t the only thing they stood out on their website, given that they also added that “The process impacts home-trained professionals who had no knowledge of the history of colocolina and even players and coaches who come from abroad, some already established”.

It is important to note that the Chilean National Team will receive a visit from Brazil at the Monumental Stadium as a result of the constructions that are being carried out in the National Stadium for the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023.

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