Brazilian spent 14% more on transport at the beginning of the year, says Picpay

A survey of fintech PicPay concluded that Brazilians spent 14% more on transport between December 2021 and March this year – or R$39 on average – mainly due to the high fuel prices in the period. In December, the average expense was R$ 271; in March, R$ 310.

The study considered that transport, in addition to spending on supply, involves costs with mobility applications, tolls and public transport.

To compensate, the survey says that Brazilians saved R$ 103 (-14%) on food, item with greater weight in the budget and which covers consumption in bars, restaurants and supermarkets. In December, R$ 731 were spent; in March, R$ 628. The data can be justified as an attempt to balance the accounts in view of the high inflation in the period, seasonal effect or a consequence of the loss of purchasing power.

Brazilians spent 14% less on food in early 2022, according to a Picpay study (Image: Reproduction/Dan Gold/Unsplash)

The education item also had a cut of R$ 44 (-18%). In December, the expense was BRL 246 against BRL 202 in March. In the period, there was also an increase of R$ 24 (12%) in purchases, and of R$ 32 (35%) in expenses with TV, internet and telephone. The average amount spent on purchases was BRL 203 and went up to BRL 227, while that for TV, internet and telephone was BRL 92 and went up to BRL 125.

The data was obtained from the analysis of more than 760 thousand customer accounts that gave consent to share their banking information via marketplace PicPay financials. The debts contained in the bank statements of these people in December of last year and in March of this year were analyzed and categorized. The survey was based on experience in the collection and analysis of data from Guiabolso, a company acquired by PicPay last year.

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