Breast cancer: How to prevent it or detect it early?

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death due to cancer in women from Peru, as reported by the League against Cancer, and it was even added that 7000 cases have worsened this year.

On the verge of being celebrated this October 19 the ‘International Day of the fight against Breast Cancer’, Miguel de la Cruz Sacasqui, Oncologist Surgeon and spokesperson for The League Against Cancer explains that to avoid and detect this disease in time, primary prevention is the most important thing, and we achieve it through a healthy lifestyle, in which we avoid excess fats, flours and adapt healthy habits such as physical activity and consumption of vegetables and fruits.

These must be accompanied by clinical tests, mammograms, breast ultrasounds and breast self-exam to be done annually.

Which are the risk factors?

In principle, age, being over 40 years old, obesity, smoking, first-degree genetics. “You have to break that myth that large breasts are also a risk factor, because it has nothing to do with size,” says the specialist, who also explains that this cancer is asymptomatic and if it is identified at an early stage, it is possible that it may have a cure.

Avon Walk Against Breast Cancer

It will be held from October 17 to 24, the participant can do their 5K race or walk or their 10K race on any of those dates. The starting and finishing line is decided by the participant, to encourage physical activity. “The cost of registration is S /. 29.90 plus free shipping, you just have to enter .

The kit includes a t-shirt, cap, medal and products from our allied sponsors. Once the challenge is met, they must take a photo of said route and upload it as evidence to the digital platform. There will even be yoga classes and trainings to enjoy from the comfort of your home! ”Commented Jessica Palacios, Marketing Manager for Avon Peru.

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