Breastfeeding: Learn about the prevention and detection of mastitis

already started the Breastfeeding Week and despite the fact that this practice should be highly valued by mothers, there are some factors why they are afraid to start it, especially first-time mothers. One of them is the acute or puerperal mastitiswhich is an inflammation of the breast tissue that can be caused by an infection.

Mauricio León, head of the Mastology Unit at the Ricardo Palma Clinic, explains that before birth, mothers should massage their breasts and rest. ”There is no need to interrupt this act (lactation), remember that you can save the life of your newborn. If you feel pain when breastfeeding or have symptoms such as fever, see an expert, but do not be alarmed. This occurs in new mothers“, mentions.


The doctor clarifies that the causes of mastitis They can be several, among which are: retained and infected milk in the breast, obstruction of the mammary duct if the breast does not empty after each feeding or bacterial infection in the breast.

On the other hand, the causes of chronic mastitis are unknown To the date. The specialist assures that among the risk factors is having suffered previous mastitis, nipple injuries (wounds or cracks), pressure on the breasts or previous severe trauma to the affected breast, tobacco use, among others.


For the pediatrician and neonatologist Sarah Vega of the Ricardo Palma Clinic, thanks to breastfeeding, the childhood overweight and obesitybut the most important thing is that fewer and fewer people are getting COVID, respiratory infections or other viruses.

“The colostrum also called ‘liquid gold’, it is highly immune. It is considered the first vaccine for the baby”, explains the specialist. The neonatologist mentions that the practice of breastfeeding is not easily or immediately achieved, especially if she is a new mother.

“The breastmilk, is the most valuable food for the first six months of the baby’s life. It favors the integral development of the human being, not only at this stage but for all his future life”, he expressed.

It clarifies that the skin of the mother and the newborn is vital to establish a positive relationship between them. Breastfeeding also prevents breast cancer and ovaries, type II diabetes, postpartum depression, etc. And if you have to work, it can last up to 5 days in the fridge, when kept in a container.


  • Does not exist no formula that is totally innocuous, the only pathogen-free food is breast milk, as it contains vitamins.
  • Do not stop breastfeeding the newborn, as it will help prevent various ills in adulthood.



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