Bregenz: start main work on hypo-underpass

Main work also on two dates during the night on the hypo-underpass in Bregenz.

Construction work on the hypo underpass in Bregenz will start on Monday. Track construction work is also on the agenda, as are the island platforms and roofing – and there will be night work.

The Hypo underpass at Bregenz train station is an important access point to the platforms and also serves as a popular connection between the city and Lake Constance. According to the planning agreement that was reached, the underpass is currently being made more attractive and barrier-free.

Starts August 8th

After completing the preliminary work, ÖBB Infrastructure AG will start the extensive main work on the project on August 8, 2022. Important track construction work (until the end of September 2022) will be carried out on this train and the island platforms and roofing will be renewed.

Work on the island platforms begins.

night work required

In the course of the conversion, work will also be required again and again during the night hours, such as on the nights of August 8th to 9th and August 19th to 21st, 2022, until autumn 2022. The work will also result in an increase in the noise level and dust pollution. ÖBB asks the affected residents and customers for their understanding.

Impact on train traffic

Due to the shortening of the platforms due to the construction site, there may be changed departure and arrival platforms. The ÖBB asks the customers to pay attention to the announcements on site or to the local instructions. The hypo-underpass will remain closed for the entire duration of the work. For access from the city to the lake or vice versa in the area of ​​the train station, pedestrians are asked to use the crossing at the train station or in the area of ​​the milk mushroom crossing.

Important NOTE: Crossing the tracks is life-threatening and therefore prohibited without exception!

Overview of the construction site in Bregenz.

Work already done

  • Production of the construction site equipment area
  • Enclosure of the excavation pits and erection of the DS columns for the future lift systems
  • Production of a provisional track crossing
  • Relocation of the existing cycle path
  • Construction work on the new technology building has already begun. A special feature is the climate concrete used. By using the innovative climate concrete, less cement is required than for a comparable reference concrete. Due to the carbon introduced instead of the cement, CO2 is permanently bound in the building material. In the best case scenario, the innovative climate concrete balances out the climate balance of the resource-intensive building material cement and a climate-positive building material can be created. More concrete work on the walls and ceilings of the new technical building will follow in the next few weeks.

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