Bremer, capital gains in gold: Toro must “thank” Lucas Verissimo

In 2018 Petrachi’s goal was the former Santos, now at Benfica, Lucas Verissimo: then Bremer arrived and the rest is recent history

In four years, literally everything has happened. There is no need to list, you would read facts that are definitely not very funny. Moving on to the Toro theme, the summer of 2018 for the grenades is centered on a purchasing campaign that sees Armando Izzo and Simone Zaza as main purchases. For 5 million comes a semi-unknown defender from Atletico Mineiro. It is clear who we are talking about, it is the topic of these very hot days. Still, Bremer was not the first on the list of the then sporting director Gianluca Petrachi. In fact, Toro was aiming for the ’95 class Lucas Verissimo. The player had accepted the grenade’s proposal, despite the pressure of Lyon and Marseille, as well as his entourage. To say no was the club owner of the card, that is Santos. A deal that could have been closed for about ten million, but that did not come to a close due to the constant delay of the Brazilian president Peres, who was determined to unleash a market auction. And so Toro has turned to Bremer, who signed a five-year contract in July.

Very true, the present at Benfica

If you have wondered what happened to Verissimo, here you are satisfied The Brazilian, who missed the leap to Europe in the summer of 2018, continued to play in Brazil until 2020, when Benfica buys him for 6.5 million and a half, that is a figure. lower than that offered by Turin. In Portugal he has not so far obtained much space. In his first season he made 14 appearances in Liga Nos, 10 last year. For the record, it must be said that he was the victim in November of the last damage of the crusader break, which took place in an overwhelming 6-1 success of his against Braga.

Gleison Bremer

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