Bremer-Juve, word to the Toro Clubs / “Seeing him in black and white would be an insult”

Here is the thought of the Toro Clubs questioned regarding the possibility of Bremer’s arrival at Juventus

The transfer market is advancing and just like the temperature, rumors and negotiations are getting hotter. For Gleison Bremer it is a duel between Inter and Juve which, however, in the light of the latest events, is ahead. With the bianconeri who, after greeting Matthijs De Ligt who will wear the Bayern Munich shirt next season, have fallen on the Brazilian defender owned by Torino. Regarding the possibility of Bremer’s transfer to Juve, we have the opinion of three Toro Clubs. The presidents have reported the thoughts of their clubs. Mario Patrignans president of the Fedelissimi Club Pesaro, Stefano Papandrea president of the Toro Club Orgoglio Granata of Pinerolo and Giuseppe Mercuri president of the Toro Club Asti.

Bremer chance at Juve: Patrignani’s thoughts

Mario Patrignani stated: “I would never want to have relations with Juve, relations are with them are evil so never. If Juve’s interest in Bremer serves to wake up the other potential buyers, we can also pretend that it interests them too. But I never want to have anything to do with Juve, we only have to lose with those people there. Never Bremer at Juve ever. It would be okay to transfer him to any other team I would have preferred his transfer to England both because you didn’t see him playing against Toro and because they would have paid him a lot more. Seeing Bremer with the Juve shirt would bother me a lot. Also because we del Toro are 50% grenade and 50% anti Juventus. We are proudly anti Juventus and to see our best player go to that team there would be an outrage, an insult. “

Papandrea (Pinerolo): “The problem is not Bremer is at Juve but the money that should not be reinvested “

On Bremer’s possible arrival at Juve, Stefano Papandrea said: “Bremer is a great player but we have a past that speaks clearly Ogbonna, Makisomovic and Cerci and we have to see if a situation like those there is re-proposed. Unfortunately, there can be Bremer’s move to Juve, unfortunately it is no longer a romantic football, the players go where they offer them more money, they are mercenaries. We loved Bremer, we raised him and we esteem him even if it must be said that Bremer is not Koulibaly which is yet another good. Attention Bremer had a good year, and you have to see it, I don’t like to say that Venaria’s team is a top club, but you have to see how it behaves in a great team. If those from Venaria want Bremer the Bull if he has to make him pay well but the problem is not Bremer who does not stay at the Toro. But the problem is that the money we will take from the sale of Bremer we will invest them or not? I don’t expect Cairo to reinvest them, she never did. What presses me as president of the Toro Club Orgoglio Granata di Pinerolo, having an eye on the temperature of all the fans, is that we need to understand that if Toro takes 40 million from Bremer, it will not re-invest them. Bremer at Juve would be sorry, but in modern football he can be there and in any case we have to see if he will be able to recreate himself at great levels. However, we must only be interested in Toro, the various Bremer, Cairo… we fans go, we stay. To conclude, if Bremer went to Venaria’s team and solved all the problems in defense it would be a great joke, this is our thought. “

Mercuri: a thought that goes against the tide

Instead, the president of Toro Club Asti sees the possibility of Bremer’s transfer to Juve in a different way. In fact, Mercuri stated: “I said in unsuspecting times that Bremer would go to Juve. I would not mind the passage of the Brazilian defender to Juventus also because he has already happened in the past, for example with Gabetto of Grande Torino. I am not of the opinion that those who play for Juve cannot go and play for Toro and vice versa. There is, now football has changed and it is undeniable that Juve cannot be denied, which is a well-organized club, a team that plays every year in the Champions League. Bremer would therefore play in the Champions League which is what his goal was and he had declared it. I am very sorry about Bremer’s departure, but I thank him for everything he has done for Toro. I remember when he arrived at Toro in the summer when everyone was waiting for Verissimo and instead Bremer arrived who was very good at understanding European football compared to Brazilian football and has become one of the strongest. In any case, Bremer’s transfer to Juve should be accepted. There is, they are professionals. As there would be a transfer of a Juve player to Toro, I don’t find anything wrong with that. “

Gleison Bremer

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