Bremer, the exam is Osimhen: he has to stop the most fit forward

Towards Naples-Turin: Bremer on Sunday at Maradona will face Osimhen, the most fit forward of the moment

Napoli-Turin is approaching and a complicated challenge is expected for Juric’s grenades. The Neapolitans are in fact at the top of the standings with full points, unlike the grenades who closed the first seven days with a defeat in the derby. Among the major pitfalls that await Juric and his is there Osimhen, a striker born in 1998 who joined the Azzurri last year. The real explosion of the young Nigerian, however, came this year under the guidance of Spalletti. Juric, however, already has an ace up his sleeve to contain it, which bears the name of Gleison Bremer.

Bremer wants to find confirmation against Napoli

Among the strongest defenders of the moment, the Brazilian has become one of Toro’s untouchables. Very skilled in recoveries but also providential on the offensive front, Bremer has acquired the typical tricks of experienced players, reducing errors to a minimum. His ability to read the opponent’s maneuver in advance has often made a difference. The Croatian coach in fact handed him the keys to the defense, which without him suffered. Waiting for him on Sunday, however, is the striker in the best form of the moment. Therefore the duel between the two lights up and only the field will be able to say who will win.

Osimhen is ready to lead his team against Torino

For his part, Osimhen already boasts six appearances and four goals all in the last four. He only missed the match against Genoa due to a direct expulsion against Venice, which did not stop his team. The Nigerian, in search of continuity, is ready to use all his talent and speed to ensure victory for Napoli. He prefers vertical play, the same one proposed by Spalletti, which allowed him to achieve the real leap in quality.

Victor Osimhen of SSC Napoli looks on during the Serie A football match between Torino FC and SSC Napoli. SSC Napoli won 2-0 over Torino FC.

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