Breweries affected by electricity prices – warn of more expensive beer

The government has indicated that it is considering electricity support for vulnerable businesses. Managing director Christian AK Aass of Aass brewery believes that it is well overtime.

– That those who are elected have not done anything about this is still very strange, if I had been in their shoes I would not have had the conscience to take a summer holiday until it was sorted. You have to be closer to and not take the value creation that takes place in small and medium-sized companies as a matter of course, he says to E24.

He is supported by Knut Johannesen, who is the general manager of Sagene Bryggeri. He says beer brewing requires electricity.

– Households and farmers have received electricity packages, but small and medium-sized businesses have not received anything. It is quite clear that high electricity prices strongly affect the cost structure of companies, so the politicians should find a solution, says Johannesen to the same newspaper.

When asked whether high electricity prices will lead to an increase in retail prices, both breweries answer yes.

– That is clear, says Aass.

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