Brexit: David Frost reiterates his threat to the Northern Irish protocol and offers an alternative proposal

In a speech in Lisbon, the “Mister Brexit” of the United Kingdom accuses Europe and recalls that Northern Ireland is a province of the United Kingdom – and not a playground for the Union.

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MDespite the smooth tone employed by David Frost, the Minister in charge of relations with the Europeans, during his speech in Lisbon, the little pikes for the Union’s attention were not lacking. Ignoring the country’s logistical problems – partly attributable to leaving Europe – the Lord said the British had moved on and only Europeans were still obsessed with Brexit.

As was expected, he confirmed the provocations of the British government by indicating not to hesitate to use article 16 if there was no improvement on the Northern Irish protocol, which would have the consequence of suspending the protocol. The argument which justifies such a decision is in his eyes the preservation of the peace and prosperity of Northern Ireland, while recalling that the province was part of the United Kingdom.

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