Brian Fernández expects a call: "I’m leaving the day they say"

With the fall of the signing of Marcelo Moreno Martins, Blanco y Negro began to think about Plan B, about which there is not much information. The only thing there is about it is some names that Colo Colo fans have put in.

Precisely one that generates a lot of illusion is Brian Fernández, who through a comment on a photo by DaleAlbo asked if they are looking for a 9 at the Monumental stadium.

That is why we called him and in conversation with DaleAlbo he showed his desire to wear the Colo Colo shirt. “I always say it, I liked Colo Colo. I don’t know when the signings will start, I think it will open in three weeks, right?”, started.

But this is where the Argentine said that he only waits for the call of Blanco y Negro. “I would not hesitate to say yes, I will leave the day they tell me. That is the reality, I am honest, I have always wanted to wear that shirt. It’s good that my name has been a trend, it means that they want me to return to that shirt. league. It did me good to be there and I did good to the league “, he detailed.

In addition, when asked if he is seen wearing the Popular shirt, his answer was clear. “I see myself scoring a lot of goals, as I have done scoring a lot of goals, I look good”, he clarified.

Brian Fernández also took advantage of telling his current situation and with whom they have to communicate if Blanco y Negro wants to have his services. “They have to communicate with me, nothing more. There is no other alternative and I will talk to my representative. The pass is mine, I have half the pass and a little more and the other is owned by Colón. Today I belong to Ferro”he exclaimed.

Brian Fernández in Chilean soccer

Finally he added that, “Like saying no to a club that I want to wear the shirt so much. I always remember the affection that their fans gave me when I said I wanted to wear their shirt. Playing against them on the pitch, I scored two goals for them, but I felt something special. they gave a big affection, it was very crazy “.

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