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Price increases from electricity suppliers have recently fluttered into many households – with sometimes drastic increases. For example, the Cologne-based company Rheinenergie will charge more than twice as much per kilowatt hour as before in the basic supply from January. The extreme increase in gas prices as a result of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is considered to be one of the main reasons for the rise in electricity prices. In wholesale trading, the now expensive generation of electricity from gas-fired power plants often determines the price of electricity for all other types of generation. Experts expect a consistently high price level in the long term. It is true that wholesale electricity prices could also fall again in the future as a result of the increased expansion of renewable energies. However, duties, surcharges, fees and taxes have the noticeably larger share of the end customer price.

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In mid-November, a user of a hacker forum is said to have put a database from this year with phone numbers from 487 million WhatsApp users for sale. The numbers are said to come from 84 countries. According to the leak, there should be more than 6 million numbers from Germany. This is reported by the website Cybernews. According to their own statements, they were able to see some numbers and assign them to WhatsApp users. According to them, the leak seems to contain real data.

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The obligation to so-called hardening of the train radio of rail vehicles has been suspended. The Federal Network Agency confirmed this online when asked. The reason for this decision is the lack of hardened train radio in more than 1,000 vehicles. Actually, almost all traction vehicles and locomotives that are supposed to operate in the Deutsche Bahn network should have GSM-R radio systems, with which there is no risk of interference from mobile phones in the LTE-900 network. With the help of hardening, network operators could also have activated LTE 900 base stations close to the track systems without a special permit. That’s history for now.

Prosecutors from ten countries report a success against organized cybercrime. The online marketplace “iSpoof” was closed by the investigators and more than 140 suspects arrested. According to Europol, the worldwide damage caused by criminals there through spoofing amounts to over 100 million euros. iSpoof specialized in faking messages of any kind. In addition to fake SMS, for example to trick TAN queries, crooks were also able to book calls with fake phone numbers via the website in order to dupe their victims.


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