Briefly informed: Europol, Mikromobile, lack of chips, Captain Kirk

The EU data protection officer has criticized Europol for storing and evaluating too much data, even from innocent people, for too long. Europol should now be officially allowed to do so. The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the EU Parliament wants to allow the police authority to receive, save and evaluate data on a large scale from companies such as Facebook and Google as well as from third countries. In general, the competencies of European investigators are to be expanded to carry out big data analyzes and to train algorithms for this. Parliament has yet to confirm the committee position in plenary, which is a matter of form. Negotiations can then begin with the Commission and the Council of Ministers, which intends to further upgrade Europol.

Employees and students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg traveled 10,000 km with specially equipped bicycles to investigate the question: Are the sidewalks and bicycle paths ready for the future of delivery services, especially for autonomous micro-mobiles? The researchers recorded the width of the path and the number of pedestrians using prototype applications on the bicycles. In this way, important foundations for possible rules for the use of robots in cities should be developed, explains Prof. Sebastian Zug from the Professorship for Software Technology and Robotics at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

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In the absence of semiconductors, Daimler has to park almost completely new cars. An area at the trade fair in the southeast of Hanover is filled with vans from the Mercedes brand. Like models from numerous other manufacturers, the vehicles cannot be fully equipped with the necessary semiconductor components. Suppliers such as Volkswagen, BMW or Daimler’s truck division also have to proceed in a similar way due to the shortage of electronic components. How long this will last cannot be reliably said, said Mercedes-Benz Vans: “The situation is still volatile.”

The second manned flight of a Blue Origin rocket with the former captain of the spaceship Enterprise and three other passengers was successful. William Shatner, known as James T. Kirk from the US television series Star Trek, flew in the remote-controlled rocket for a few minutes beyond the internationally recognized border into space. Shatner is 90 years old, making him the oldest person who ever flew into space.

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