Briefly informed: fine dust pollution, cyber attack, internet connection, ADAC

Excessive fine dust pollution in the European Union is said to have led to at least 238,000 premature deaths in 2020. The most common causes of death from air pollution are heart disease and stroke, followed by lung cancer and other lung diseases. Compared to previous years, the European Environment Agency EEA has noticed an improvement in air quality, but the boom in wood firing due to the energy crisis caused by the Ukraine war could make this waste. Because according to the Environment Agency, a large part of the particulate matter pollution in urban areas comes from the burning of solids to generate heat in buildings.

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According to the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, a hacker group close to the Kremlin has claimed responsibility for a cyber attack on the European Parliament’s website. Shortly before that, the parliament had labeled Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Apparently the attack was a DDoS attack. According to Jürgen Schmidt, Senior Fellow Security at Heise, this should be seen more as a symbolic gesture without any significant impact on the real world. DDoS attacks do not aim to steal data. Green MP Rasmus Andresen described the attack as a warning shot and fears that Europe is not sufficiently prepared for such attacks.

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According to a study by the internet node operator DE-CIX, delays in the internet connection are responsible for the fact that German office workers lose an average week of working time over the year. Around two-thirds of workers struggle with delays at least once a month, and more than a third even several times a week or daily. Ivo Ivanov, Managing Director and CEO at DE-CIX, points out in particular the connection to the cloud as a brake. Companies that move their computing load and applications to the cloud would also have to take care of making access to them as direct as possible.

The ADAC has criticized the reform of state subsidies for electric cars. The federal government has missed the opportunity to make the subsidy more consumer-friendly, explained ADAC Technical President Karsten Schulze and demanded that the subsidy should be promised when a vehicle is ordered. He also criticized the German manufacturers who hardly offer cheap vehicles. “Electric mobility will only be successful if it is accessible to everyone and does not remain a niche product for high earners,” said Schulze.


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