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On the way to a successor to the nine-euro ticket, the conference of transport ministers of the federal states (VMK for short) agreed on how to proceed in a special session. First, the state transport ministers set up a working group to work on a follow-up ticket. They expect the federal government to respond to their demand for higher financing with their own offer. This emerges from the decision of the VMK, which is available online. At the same time, the legal framework for a nationwide public transport ticket is to be developed. The results should be available by the next conference of transport ministers on October 12th.

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A general and indiscriminate data retention contradicts Union law, as the European Court of Justice has now confirmed in a judgment – and thus opposes the German regulation. However, the ECJ also clears the way for exceptions. Traffic and location data as well as IP addresses can be stored “if there is a serious threat to national security”. A court or an independent administrative body must control this order, the period is limited. One of the most important points of the critics is that precise conclusions can be drawn about the private life of the people and profiles can be created. The judge of the ECJ confirms this problem, but sees no further possibilities to prevent this apart from the special justification.

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Purchasing apps in Apple’s App Store will be more expensive from October 5th. An app that previously cost 99 cents will then cost 1.19 euros. The increase of about 20 percent also affects in-app purchases, but not subscriptions that are concluded in apps. Apple’s own services are also not affected by the price change. Apple itself does not justify the step in the announcement. The weak euro is likely to be the reason for the increase.

NASA’s Insight lander has detected several meteorite impacts with its seismometer on Mars. The research team responsible for this has now announced this. They are the first seismic and acoustic waves ever discovered on another celestial body. The sounds are reminiscent of a “blup”, which is due to a special effect of the Martian atmosphere, explains the US space agency. Because the speed of sound changes there in the middle of the spectrum that humans can hear, lower tones travel much faster on the red planet than higher ones.


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