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Apple is stepping up its measures against spyware actions that are operated by government agencies. After a lawsuit against the Pegasus manufacturer NSO Group and a large donation to anti-spyware projects such as the Citizen Lab, users are now also to be informed directly if the iPhone manufacturer assumes that they have been the victim of such an espionage campaign. In the future, there will be so-called thread notifications via the Group’s central user administration page, by email and, if possible, also by iMessage. How exactly Apple intends to detect such attacks in order to inform its users is unclear.

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Even after the reopening of many stores in the spring, online retail continues to grow significantly faster than stationary retail. From May to September of this year, Internet retailers increased their sales by 8.8 percent compared to the same period in the previous year, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office. In the same range, sales in retail sales stagnated with a slight minus of 0.2 percent. So stores have barely benefited from the reopening after the month-long lockdown.

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The online shopping platform is to disappear from the results of Internet search engines such as Google in France and is also to be delisted from other online services. This was ordered by the Minister for Economic Affairs, Bruno Le Maire, and based on regulations under European law. As a justification, Le Maire refers to random checks of articles that have been sold through Many products would have proven to be illegal or even dangerous. 45 percent of the toys were classified as dangerous, and for electrical devices it was as much as 90 percent. In both categories, 95 percent of the articles did not even conform to the law.

Every year … there is also this year the advent calendar with programming puzzles by Eric Wastl, the person behind Vanilla JS and PHP Sadness. In the “Advent of Code” since 2015, developers have been finding a small task every day from December 1st until Christmas, which becomes increasingly tricky as the month goes on and calls up a wide range of skills. The first door opens on December 1st at 6 a.m.

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