Briefly sworn in as a member of parliament

The now deputy ÖVP club chairman August Wöginger welcomed him as the first speaker. With a Facebook video published Thursday morning, Kurz previously made a public statement at the weekend for the first time since his retirement as Chancellor. He spoke of an “emotional roller coaster ride for many” in the past few days with feelings of “disappointment, resignation, anger”.

He can “understand that very well”. It was the same with him. It is now a matter of a stable government, which is why he took a step aside at the weekend. “I’m not a shadow chancellor,” said Kurz. As a club chairman, he wants to make his contribution and support the work of the government.

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First working day for the ÖVP member Kurz in parliament

Report: Telephone calls with ÖVP country representatives

Kurz also mentioned the allegations against himself, without going into details. There are some chat messages in circulation that “I have never written”. To those he wrote himself, he said: “I absolutely understand that you have special expectations of the Chancellor when it comes to the choice of words. But just as I don’t walk around in a suit at home, I’m not only a politician, but also a person – with mistakes and emotions. Yes, unfortunately, also with formulations that I would not use in public. I have already apologized publicly and I also regret her. “

These chats are now deliberately played to the public in order to harm the People’s Party. In short: “I have not been guilty of anything criminal in my entire life.” He will prove that too. He criticized that, in his view, the chats were mixed with criminal charges. He now wants to rebut the allegations.

It remains to be seen how Kurz wants to create his role as club chairman. In any case, he asked for support in the video. He must also actively seek this, because the support in the countries has waned in the past few days. The “Kurier” (Thursday edition) reported that Kurz had telephoned for hours on Tuesday and Wednesday with the ÖVP state chiefs and high ÖVP officials in the states.

As a member of parliament, Kurz initially enjoys immunity. However, at the request of the public prosecutor’s office, parliament can decide whether a parliamentarian is extradited to the judiciary. Kurz had also announced that he wanted to waive his immunity.

Blümel defends budget

In the debate on Thursday, the draft federal budget for 2022 will be subjected to an initial thorough analysis. After the first reading, the 2022 budget will go to the budget committee for further treatment, including an expert hearing; it is to be decided in plenary on November 18th.

Finance Minister Blümel defended his draft budget on Wednesday evening in ZIB2. The main topic was the tax reform. Not all problems have been resolved; work will be carried out on the other topics. The abolition of the cold progression should also be done in this legislative period.

Finance Minister Blümel on the budget speech

Finance Minister Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) spoke about the budget for 2022, the tax reform and the Chancellor’s rochade.

In response to the criticism that the price of CO2 is too low to have a climate effect, Blümel said that the first step was to get started with CO2 pricing. In addition, a large number of subsidies are financed, which would also have effects. In his previous budget speech in the National Council, Blümel had already said that the budget was an “announcement towards the future”.

After the speech, sharp criticism from the opposition parties was not long in coming. The Austrian Federation of Trade Unions (ÖGB), the Chamber of Labor (AK) and women’s organizations also joined in. Meanwhile, praise came from the Federation of Industrialists (IV) and the Chamber of Commerce (WKO).

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