Broke my foot during a concert

– I’m sorry to say this, but the X-ray certainly shows that I danced on a broken foot last night.

That’s what Florence and the Machine vocalist Florence Welch (36) writes on Twitter. In addition to the text, she shares a photo of the blood-soaked scene she was standing on.

She is said to have injured her foot during a concert in England, but it is currently unknown how.

A spectator has caught stage technicians who had to jump in and wipe blood between two acts, on film. Welch re-entered the stage unscathed, but it turned out not to be such a good idea.

– I am in pain, and every dancer knows that it is not a good idea to dance on an injury. And I have been told that I cannot act if I want to prevent further damage, she writes further.

The 36-year-old must now therefore cancel the rest of the tour, Dance Fever.

– I am devastated as Dance Fever has been the best show we have ever put on. My heart aches. I can’t wait to be back on my feet and back in your arms.

Florence and the Machine is known, among other things, for the songs “You’ve Got The Love”, “Spectrum” and “Dog Days Are Over”.

This week, the band’s song “King” from their latest album, Dance Fever, was nominated for Best Alternative Music Performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

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