Broken windows and injured passengers: they denounce stone attacks against the West line

The west line buses they come suffering systematic vandalism attacks in different areas of La Plata and the authorities denounced the situation before the Justice and the Municipality. The Nueve de Julio company assured thatand the groups are victims of aggression every day while circulating around the city and expressed his concern for the integrity of users.

According to company spokespersons, the claims they occur while the units provide service and on some occasions drivers and passengers were hit by large stones. In addition, it was specified that these situations are taking place at night or in the late afternoon, when the aggressors take advantage of the darkness to carry out the attacks, the vast majority of which result in a large balance of broken windows, windshields and lunettes.

In this sense, it was indicated that the episodes usually take place in the area of ​​the Barrio Santa Ana, Hernandez and Romero and it was noted that the damage to the micros generates an important operating effort since the units must continue to operate without affecting the scheduled frequencies.

The facts were denounced in the UFI 9 in charge of Maria Valdez, before whom they exposed the records of what happened. In addition, the Municipality was informed in the dependency that has to do with the transportation area.

Finally, they pointed out that they will continue to promote meetings where agents from the district headquarters could join as well as delegates from the UTA, who remain alert, ensuring the integrity of users and colleagues.

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