Brunella bought two wedding dresses in Miami: She had to look for another one because her marriage changed location

HELLO, MY BARRUNTO. I arrive packed to tell you the latest from ‘Chollywood’… jasmine pinedo told that GINO ASSERT it took three months to kiss him when they started dating. To its… JANET BARBOZA He says that when he sees a photo of the girl Paula with MRS PETA You will just believe that you are a couple PAOLO GUERRERO. We will have to wait seated…

By the way, ‘TODDLER‘ revealed that it was LARK GARCIA who broke up with the player because he got tired of his immaturity. Whoops… EVA AYLLÓN, SUSANA BACA and NICOLE ZIGNAGO were nominated for LATIN GRAMMY. Congratulations… SAHAMARA LOBATON He affirmed that he will no longer spend 40 thousand soles on his little girl’s birthday, but will make a meeting in a well-known local with his closest relatives, and the next day he goes on a trip with his baby and his partner to an exclusive Caribbean resort. The one who can, he can and the one who can’t applaud…

BRUNELLA HORN He indicated that he bought two wedding dresses in Miami, but when he arrived in Lima he realized that they had changed the location of the marriage and had to find another dress that goes according to the place. There’s ‘silver as a court’… Now I’m off because my sweetheart is asking me to play tag… Suuuaaaveee.

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