Brunella Horna confronts Ethel Pozo LIVE: “It’s your fault that she has a reputation for being drunk” | VIDEO

Brunella Horna accused in full live program on America TV to Ethel Well to make him famous as a “drunk”. The model’s comment was made when she participated in the sequence “Myth or truth”.

Is it a myth or truth that there is prohibited material from Brunella Horna with a few other glasses?”, was the question Brunella Horna was asked in the recent broadcast of “America Hoy”.

“Ethel look at everything you have caused with your video”, Brunella immediately rebuked Ethel upon hearing the question. “It’s my fault that you drank the mojitos from the bar or you?”, Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter defended herself.

“Ethel, the truth is that it is your fault that I have the reputation of being a drunk. It’s your fault because you released a video on your honeymoon saying that I was drunk and it’s a lie.” The model scolded her driving partner again.

“What is Richard going to say, what is my father-in-law going to say (César Acuña)”, She continued to claim the popular Baby Brune, before the production surprised her by showing an image of her with a glass of drink in her hand.

“Hey how bad (…) Look at that funny young girl who is happy for her friend, that’s what I see. What do you want me to drink coffee or tea at a wedding?”, was the only thing Brunella managed to say when she saw the images.

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