Brunella Horna had to return Richard Acuña’s engagement ring for this reason

Brunella Horna He caught the attention of his colleagues from “America Hoy” after he showed off without his engagement ring that Richard Acuña gave him on July 16, when he asked her to marry him in a movie theater in Lima.

The first to notice this detail was Edson Dávila, who in the middle of the live program asked him the following question: “Your ring? I’m worried about you, and I’ll tell you one thing, sister Ethel… that’s how Melissa started”.

“What happened? You forget several days”, added Ethel Pozo, notoriously surprised, in the broadcast of this Thursday, August 4, of “America Hoy”.

Given the questions, Brunella decided to reveal the reasons why she does not wear the ring that Richard gave her. “Since Saturday I don’t have my ring… no, I didn’t lose it, I didn’t sell it”, he said at first, managing to capture the attention of all those present on the set of “America Hoy”.

The young model and businesswoman said that she had to return her ring to have some adjustments made because it was too big for her.

“What happens is that Richard made the wrong size, he bought a larger size and just took advantage of my trip (to Miami) and left it there, in the same store where he bought it so that it is tailored to me and I don’t know. fall”, commented.

Finally, Horna revealed that her mother will be in charge of bringing her ring to Lima. “My mom is coming right now (to Lima) and she brings it,” said.

Brunella Horna showed off without an engagement ring in AH

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