Brunella takes measures for her wedding after roche with Edson: “I’m going to put a security for those of America Today”

IT IS CLEAR! After her presentation in The Great Star, Brunella Horna was consulted once again about the Edson Dávila incident at Ethel Pozo’s wedding, this because she went up to dance on a table and had to be lowered by Gisela Valcárcel herself. .

“Everything was so fine and Edson starts twerking on top of a bucket, people imagine how he looked, everyone murmured saying: what is this boy doing?”, he indicated.

When asked if he is also evaluating not to invite Janet Barboza, “Baby Brune” said no, that his companions would be yes or yes in his marriage to Richard Acuña.

However, Brunella Horna announced that although she will invite her co-workers, she will have to take measures so that nothing happens.

“I am going to put a security especially for those of America Hoy, so that no one takes out a tripod, they do not take out cell phones and no hidden camera, nothing. I’m putting everything together there, something nice so that there is special security for the ‘Gonzales’”, he expressed

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