Bruno Gutiérrez is the great novelty in the formation of Colo Colo

Colo Colo will face off against Unión Española. After the 1-0 that the popular cast obtained, playing as a visitor, at the Santa Laura stadium for the sixteenth date of the National Championship, today, now for the semifinals of the Chile Cup, they will meet again at the Monumental. With a considerable drop in the local cast.

Jeyson Rojas, is one of the players who has added more minutes since the arrival of Gustavo Quinteros, however, a tear will have him off the courts. So the DT has had to work on alternatives to replace the footballer, who also contributes with Sub-21 minutes. tournament, so the option of him being replaced by another youth appears as a great possibility.

Is about Bruno Gutierrez, a right-back who has already added minutes in the Chile Cup, despite the fact that at one point, he worked with Óscar Opazo, apparently the one formed in Colo Colo would take the lead to stay with the right wing. Vicente Pizarro and Joan Cruz would also add minutes as youth.

In this way, the most probable formation of Colo Colo for the first leg against Unión Española for the semifinals of the Chile Cup would be with Brayan Cortes in goal; Bruno Gutiérrez, Maximiliano Falcón, Emiliano Amor and Gabriel Suazo in defence; César Fuentes and Vicente Pizarro in containment work; Gabriel Costa and Joan Cruz as flyers; leaving on the offensive Marcos Bolados and Iván Morales.

The meeting between Colo Colo and Unión Española is scheduled at 5:00 p.m. at the Monumental Stadium and will be marked by the return of the public to the Macul venue.

Bruno Gutiérrez worked as a starter at Colo Colo | Photo: Colo Colo Oficial.

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