Bruno Pinasco wore a tie to interview Chris Martin and the singer congratulated him | VIDEO

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Coldplay He was in Lima to perform two concerts at the National Stadium, on September 13 and 14. As part of their visit, the British band gave some interviews to the Peruvian press and left anecdotes that will remain in the memory.

Bruno Pinasco was one of the lucky ones to interview Chris Martin. The host of the “Cinescape” program arrived at the television interview with a casual look and wore a tie, a detail that the singer noticed and did not hesitate to flatter.

“This is very special because you are the first interviewer with a tie. Thank you very much… We love it. It’s our first cravat (for the tie), right? In 23 years nobody has ever used it”commented the leader of Coldplay to the astonishment of Pinasco.

“I use this out of respect for you. It’s not that I’m 50 years old, it’s because I want to. Not so rockstar. More classic”answered the presenter of América Televisión.

Finally, Pinasco reciprocated Chris Martin’s praise with another positive comment on his music: “Something I really like about you is that music connects with your soul. We are related to the letters, but at the same time it is high technology. You know, the bracelets with the lights, the screens and all that”.

Interview of Bruno Pinasco to the members of Coldplay
Coldplay: Chris Martin is surprised by Bruno Pinasco’s peculiar ‘outfit’ “In 23 years nobody has ever used it” Chris Martin and Will Champion, members of Coldplay, were in an interview with Bruno Pinasco, in which the band’s vocalist British was surprised by a garment worn by the driver of ‘Cinescape’. “In 23 years, no one has ever used it,” said Chris Martin, to which the TV presenter felt highly praised, replying, “It’s a respect to you.” (Source: América TV) Coldplay vocalist, Chris Martin, reveals the magic of his songs: “All our songs come from our hearts” In an interview with Bruno Pinasco, Chris Martin revealed the secret of the success of his songs and also of his concerts, in which the lyrics, music and other visual effects come to connect with the soul. “All of our songs come from our hearts, you can add anything visually and it’s not going to affect the feeling.” declared for ‘Cinescape’ the vocalist of Coldplay. (Source: America TV)


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