Bruno Ruggeri was appointed as the new Secretary of the Provinces of the Interior

the interior minister Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro appointed this Friday Bruno Ruggeri as the new Secretary of Provinces of the portfolio, replacing Silvina Batakis, a position that became vacant when the former Minister of Economy was appointed as head of the Palacio de Hacienda at the beginning of July.

“Bruno Ruggeri is the new Secretary of Interior Provinces to replace Silvina Batakis,” confirmed the Interior portfolio through an official statement.

“The election of the new Secretary of Provinces was based both on his technical profile as well as on his knowledge in managing provincial finances and his experience around organizations with federal representation”

Ruggeri is 38 years old, is a public accountant graduated from the National University of Córdoba, a native of Río Gallegos, province of Santa Cruz, who has extensive experience in public administration. Since 2015 he has served as Secretary of State, Finance and Public Credit of that province, under the governorship of Alicia Kirchner, but he was also director and trustee of Banco de Santa Cruz. He was also a representative of the Patagonian province before the Federal Tax Commission (CFI) and also before the Federal Council for Fiscal Responsibility, which deals with good government practices in all provinces.

In addition, he stressed that the new official was selected as Secretary of Provinces due to his “technical profile as well as his knowledge in managing provincial finances and his experience around agencies with federal representation”.

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