Brutal entry into La Plata: they attacked a couple and their children at dinner

A family of The Furnaces was the victim of a violent assault when three criminals entered heavily armed and attacked them. The event occurred last Monday in 173 and 62, when a married couple and their children were gathered in the dining room, having dinner.

Sources close to the case detailed that the suspects burst into the living room shouting and, under repeated death threats, demanded that the victims hand over the money they had saved.

According to reports, the thieves subdued the family for about 40 minutes and They took a sum of money that did not transpire, two televisions, two cell phones and a Volkswagen Up. Fortunately, it was reported that the victims were unharmed.

Once the suspects escaped from the scene, they made the corresponding complaint so that the authorities can clarify the fact. While, The neighbors assured that the area of ​​fifths is hacked by insecurity and they ask for greater police controls.

In this context, the agents are carrying out the corresponding investigation, analyzing the public and private security cameras of the neighborhood that have captured the criminals.

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